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Bold, Principled, Visionary

March is Women’s History Month, where we honor women’s contributions throughout history to the world as we know it. You may have heard the phrase, “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” Women who make history are bold, principled, and visionary.

As Chair of the LMM Board of Directors, I am proud to serve an organization with a strong history of women’s leadership. During our 50th Anniversary celebrations, many of us learned about some of the influential women who made history with LMM.

Dorothea Lyons is considered the “Mother of LMM.” She was an original founder of LMM, fueled by a passion for civil rights. Her work helped establish the advocacy element which is such an important part of LMM today. A portrait of Dorothea Lyons was commissioned in honor of LMM’s 50th birthday and is now displayed at the Richard Sering Center.

Susie Sering, wife of Rev. Richard Sering, moved her young family to Cleveland to begin the work of LMM in 1969. She worked tirelessly to create an organization that would serve with the forgotten, the oppressed, and the hurting.

Carol Fredrich became LMM’s first female President and CEO in 2005, building on the firm foundation built by many dedicated men and women. Over eight years, her steady leadership helped LMM continue to grow as a trusted partner for the community and the clients with whom we serve.

With gratitude for these women in LMM’s history, and for the women who continue to serve with LMM today.

– Nicole Braden Lewis, LMM Board of Directors Chair

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