Space Rental with LMM

Looking for a place to host a community meeting? Fill out the form below to rent a space at LMM.

General Rules:

  • All room requests require 24 hour notice
  • All catering orders require 48 hour (2 business days) notice
  • Please visit to place your catering order
  • Additional AV items needed must be requested at the time of booking, in order to ensure all items are reserved and available for your event. Additional cost will apply. Please discuss your additional AV needs with LMM Room Rental Team
  • Security is required for all events that occur outside of normal business hours (8 am to 5 pm), on the weekends or whenever alcohol is served.
  • LMM contracts with a private security company. The hourly rate is $35 per guard, with a minimum three hour requirement.

Room Layouts

10 max
30 max
Right Relationship
14 max
North Church
122 max
100 max
30 max

Inclement Weather Alert: Men's Shelter at 2100 Lakeside is open. Please seek shelter!