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Support the Guardianship Services Emergency Ward Fund

LMM’s Guardianship Services (GS) program provides qualified legal guardians to serve as caring advocates and decision-makers for adults who have been deemed incompetent by Probate Court and lack family/friends to support and protect their needs and interests. GS clientele includes older adults with dementia and age-related health problems as well as adults with severe persistent mental illness.

We need your help to support the Guardianship Services Emergency Ward Fund, a fund that assists with covering the cost of basic needs for vulnerable seniors under guardianship. The fund serves three purposes:

Goal 1: It ensures that wards have their basic needs met; live in safe, affordable housing; receive timely and appropriate medical care; receive entitled benefits; have advanced directives and a funeral plan in place; and have appropriate legal decisions made on their behalf.

Goal 2: It improves a ward’s quality of life by providing not only appropriate medical care and basic needs but also supporting wards’ peace, well-being, and dignity.

Goal 3: It sustains and builds program capacity to meet current and future needs for indigent guardianships, meet standardized best practice thresholds, and strive to achieve continuous improvement of its high-quality services.

To support the Guardianship Emergency Ward Fund, click the button below and designate your gift to Guardianship Services.

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