What We Do

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Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry seeks that people who are oppressed, forgotten, and hurting be empowered, valued, and healed by our unwavering commitment to addressing chronic needs, enabling people to self-sufficiency, and advocating for system change. As a catalyst and convener for meaningful conversation, LMM seeks to change the social, political, and religious conversation about justice from one of limitations to one of possibilities.


Focusing on Housing & Shelter, Workforce Development, and Health & Wellness Services, LMM creates innovative programs that serve with people who are homeless, youth who are at-risk, older adults who are vulnerable, people impacted by the criminal justice system, and individuals with behavioral health needs.


In the last year, LMM served nearly 9,000 people and engaged approximately 3,500 volunteers. Over 575,000 pounds of food were prepared for people who are homeless, nearly 3,800 adults and youth received shelter, 800 people had positive housing outcomes, 842 adults access health care, and 99.5% of re-entry participants remained out of the criminal justice system.

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