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Changing Lives Through Housing & Shelter

LMM’s Housing & Shelter program provides essential emergency shelter to 365 men per night, supportive services to increase resident self-sufficiency and innovative solutions to ending homelessness.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Nolan and Thomas’ experiences with LMM’s Housing & Shelter program. You can click here to support this impactful work.

“I show up and I just want to serve these guys.” – Nolan White, Team Lead Coordinator at the Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside.
The work we do is not only vital for the people we serve, but it hits close to home for many of the individuals on our team. Learn more about the importance of Fair Chance Hiring and Nolan’s story through the Portraits of Strength: Stories of Redemption gallery.

“I’m grateful because I’ve got a roof over my head.” – Thomas, resident at the Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside.

LMM News

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Inclement Weather Alert: Men's Shelter at 2100 Lakeside is open. Please seek shelter!