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LMM Lends Helping Hands to Harvest Apples

participants in the harvest apples outing

Giving back and building right relationships are at the core of Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry’s mission. LMM culinary students, along with staff partners, did just that when they worked alongside Board Emeritus, Rev. Hank Doll, to turn apple picking into a truly educational experience. Not only is Doll an integral part of LMM’s board, he is […]

President’s Blog: The Why (Part 2)

It is also our expectation and our hope that exploring the “why” will make us more relevant in addressing the everyday “whys” from our clients, program participants, residents and people in need.

President’s Blog: The Why

Andrew Genszler

I was struck recently by a short TED talk from Simon Sinek, based on his book from a few years ago called “Start with Why”. He describes the concept of the golden circle in organizations.