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President’s Blog: The Why (Part 2)

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It is also our expectation and our hope that exploring the “why” will make us more relevant in addressing the everyday “whys” from our clients, program participants, residents and people in need. You might be asked these questions as well:

Why doesn’t my family want to take care of me?
What do my children think of me now?
Can I have my benefits check now and not the end of the month?
Will I go back to prison if I drop out of your program?
How long do I need to be drug free?
What can you do for me?
How long can my daughter and I stay in this apartment?
Why can’t I stay with my uncle instead of your program?

Or, maybe unspoken but present:

Can I ever really get past this trauma?
Will you trust me? Can I trust myself?
Is there hope here?
Why did this happen to me?
Is there forgiveness?
Is there redemption?
Is there really a second chance?

My friend Anna goes on to say that although we might not have a definitive answer, we often have a response. She reminds us that the word “salvation” is rooted in the word “salve”. And for those of us in faith-based community development, the question regarding salvation is not really “are you saved?”, but “are you salved?”- “are you well?”

We are fortunate or blessed or well-positioned or all of these things at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry. We may not have answers to all of these questions. But together you join us in being an embodied response for our community.

As we explore our “why” we will generate different “how” and “what” answers for different times regarding our strategic direction and programs. But threading those temporal answers is the theme of our embodied response. I thank you for the many ways you support and join LMM as an embodied response to the pressing questions our community asks of us.


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