Congregational Outreach

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry was established on spiritual principles of love, compassion, and justice. The work was inspired by a divine calling to be of service to humanity and to help meet the needs of the poor and the oppressed.One of the goals of the Office of Advocacy is to collaborate with congregations around advocacy and civic affairs. As such, we are providing an opportunity for them to live out their faith in the work of helping others. The work of congregational organizing can take various forms.

There is no “one size fits all.” Here are some activities through which congregations can engage:

1. Recruit volunteers to work directly with the Office of Advocacy on social justice issues. (Some may serve on boards, speak at rallies or hearings, share their story, work on the newsletter, or help with office work).

2. Establish a Civic Action Committee to address advocacy issues of concern to the congregation. (It is important for us to empower congregations to serve as beacons of light in their community. We can assist with training and skill-building for civic engagement.)

3. Sponsor fundraisers to support the work of LMM and the Office of Advocacy.

4. Plan a workshop or a panel discussion on an issue of great concern to members of the congregation.

5. Take a position on a major issue impacting the community. (levy, budget issues, health care, etc.) Individuals LMM would love to have committed and compassionate individuals involved in our work in social justice advocacy.

You can become an Advocacy Ally. In serving, you are putting your faith principles into action and helping us address the some of the root causes of injustice and despair. The Action Plan of the Office of Advocacy provides a broad range of social concerns that include opportunities to advocate for youth, formerly incarcerated persons, homeless persons, fathers, children, and persons with disabilities. There are opportunities to serve on boards, serve as an office volunteers, or simply serve as an Advocacy Ally by making phone calls, sending emails, writing letters, visiting elected officials, or sharing your story at a hearing or workshop. If you have the time and want to move your faith into action, please call us immediately at 216-658-7210 to schedule an orientation session.