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A Summer With LMM – Kylie Gillespie (pt. 2)

Interning with LMM’s Development and Communications department this summer has been everything I prayed it would be, and more. From the beginning of my internship to now, the LMM staff has been welcoming, supportive, and willing to share any and all wisdom. The LMM team has taught me what it is to work diligently, inspired by a common mission, toward a goal that serves others. They have answered my questions and encouraged my learning. 

Each day at LMM has taught me that small things can make a big impact. Through conversations and stories of personal experiences, I have learned about housing insecurity, food insecurity, and the barriers that prevent people from entering the workforce. As I reflect on the past 10 weeks, I consider the valuable things I have learned, the talented and compassionate people I have met, and the fun and fulfilling things I have experienced. 

Most tangible work I have completed in my position at LMM relates to audience growth and engagement. Therefore, I’ve spent a lot of the summer creating content for LMM’s blog, LinkedIn profile, and other social media platforms. I learned quickly that to communicate with LMM’s audiences in a way that is effective, engaging, and accurate, it was vital to understand the mission of LMM and how the LMM staff works toward our mission every day.

“The LMM team has taught me what it is to work diligently, inspired by a common mission, toward a goal that serves others.” 

One of my favorite parts of my time at LMM has been visiting our various sites and learning from the staff at each site.  

Each week I have painted with the men at 2100. We’ve talked and laughed and have gotten to know one another as we marvel at one another’s artistic perspectives and creations. I’ve also visited LMM’s Youth Shelter and the site for LMM’s Youth Drop-In Center, and in doing so I’ve seen the ways LMM’s YRS staff deeply cares for the youth.  

I’ve heard stories of how a home can contribute to transforming a family’s life as I walked through one of LMM’s Breaking New Ground houses, and I’ve learned about LMM’s Workforce Development program and then got to enjoy a meal at the Metro45 food truck with the Development and Communications team. 

Each of these experiences, and far more, have been vital to my time with LMM.  

Each conversation, each encounter, and each presentation have contributed to the knowledge I will take with me beyond this summer. As I move on to my final year of college, I take with me knowledge of the injustices of society and how I can work to alleviate them, a new perspective of and respect toward the people in my community who are walking through challenges I have never faced, and an immense gratitude to all those who have challenged, supported, and encouraged me in all the new learning and experiences that this summer has offered. 



Thank you LMM,



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