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A Summer With LMM – Emma Arrighi (pt. 2)

This summer I have had the privilege to intern in LMM’s Department of Advocacy through John Carroll University. Coming into LMM, I was most interested in their reentry work, but throughout my internship I have learned about all LMM’s services. I have also realized that all these services are connected and fighting the same failing system. Some of the men I got to talk to at 2100 this summer had been incarcerated, and working with our Director of Advocacy Margie Glick and sitting in on committee meetings, I learned that landlords often deny people housing because they have a record.  


I love that every day is unique, with different tasks and events to help me learn more. For example, I saw a number of Cuyahoga County Council meetings. Another highlight of my summer was doing art with the men at 2100. The best part was talking to the men. Their art was often very expressive, representing the struggles and feelings. 

“I have never once felt like ‘just the intern’ here.”

Although I definitely got plenty of experience outside the office, my in-office work proved just as interesting. One of my biggest focuses this summer has been State Issue 1. I first learned about Issue 1 when I was asked to do a one page summary about it to be distributed among staff partners. Later in the summer, I got to speak to LMM’s Advocacy Board about why the Advocacy Department and I thought LMM should oppose Issue 1. After the board agreed, Margie even let me take a crack at a first draft of LMM’s opposition statement.  

One of the reasons my in-office work this summer has been so interesting is because LMM’s Richard Sering Center is not just an office. Some of our coolest programs, like Chopping for Change, happen here. Recently, I got the honor of being the photographer at a C4C graduation. I’ll never forget the pride and joy I saw on the women’s faces as they received their certificates. Some of the graduates got to speak briefly at the ceremony, and it was inspiring how they refused to define themselves by one mistake, and saw their own potential. The C4C graduation was the moment I felt proudest to intern at LMM because it is the organization that helped these women get back on their feet and feel confident again.  


I have never once felt like “just the intern” here, assigned unimportant busywork no one else wanted to do. I have gotten hands-on experience working with some of the populations LMM serves, and I feel like my work is helping my department. I would like to thank everyone I’ve worked with at LMM, from Margie and Gloria and the Advocacy Department to the staff at 2100 for always making me feel like a valued member of the team. I’m so grateful to LMM and John Carroll’s CSSA for giving me the opportunity to gain professional experience at an organization that does such meaningful work. Thanks for a great summer, LMM! 


Emma Arrighi

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