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A Summer With LMM – Alexia Miracle (pt. 2)

Interning with the Development & Communications this team this summer has been such a joy. I learned so much about the work LMM does and the amazing community the organization has built. It was a true honor to be welcomed into this community with open arms. 

I had the pleasure of meeting people all across LMM this summer to learn how they want to celebrate the organization’s 55th year of service. Through a survey, focus groups, and discussions with everyone that would share their time with me, I gathered event ideas for an exciting 55th Anniversary next year and for amazing events for years to come. In addition to this I attended two BNG home reveals, photographed the C4C women’s graduation ceremony, volunteered at art workshops at the 2100 Men’s Shelter, and assisted with planning this year’s Team Up to Clean Up event. 

When I started meeting people at the beginning of this summer to discuss the anniversary, they would immediately begin to reminisce about their time with LMM and the people that have changed their lives. Between the discussions I had for my summer project and the thoughts people candidly shared with me, I have heard so many stories about peoples’ journey with LMM and I am grateful to have witnessed the level of passion everyone has for the people they serve. Never in my life have I had the opportunity to know so many individuals with others-centered mindsets, that wake up each day and think about how they can serve the people around them. 

“Never in my life have I had the opportunity to know so many individuals with others-centered mindsets.”

I gained a lot of role models through this internship experience and have plans to stay in touch with LMM (you can expect to see me at the 55th Anniversary celebration!). I am thankful for the Development & Communications team for taking me under their wing this summer. My time with LMM reaffirmed my passion for serving others and has shown me that there are entire communities with this same passion.  

Thank you for an amazing summer, LMM!  

Alexia Miracle 

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