Youth Services provides, housing, shelter and programming with youth who are hurting, displaced or forgotten.

  • After School Prevention Resources (ASPR) provides a timely, safe and supportive place for teens 11-17 during the hours immediately following the school day. Teens participate in enriching activities that teach skills such as fair play, conflict resolution, positive peer interaction, and create competence. They exercise body and mind in such areas as computers, creative art and music projects, cooking classes, games, basketball, aerobics, and field trip.
  • Q-Team is a partnership of youth and adults whose purpose is to enhance the quality of out-of-school-time programs by observing and providing feedback to staff and participants.  This provides an experience in entrepreneurship and career development for youth.
  • Next Step is a program with two resident locations for young adults.
    • Youth shelter provides shelter care for youth, ages 12-17, who are without a home or a stable living environment. Residents may be runaway youth or children placed by the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS).
    • Semi-independent living serves youth, ages 16-21, who will be exiting the foster care system. Its emphasis is preparation for living independently. Life skills—budgeting, cleaning, cooking, relationship building, conflict management—are at the heart of the program.

Youth Services 2017 Impact Report



Members of the community in which the Next Step Youth Shelter is located are encouraged to communicate directly with the staff on duty at the shelter about any concerns or questions they may have, but especially in situations that need immediate attention at the shelter location. Community members should call the shelter at 216-941-0062. In addition to calling the shelter directly, residents are encouraged to contact the Director of Youth Residential Services by phone at 216-221-8920 or e-mail at