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Time Is Running Out

Time is Running Out
Angelo Anderson, LMM Men’s Shelter Community Facilitator

Time is running out shout run, skip, crawl, drive, fly to the ballot box

Time is running out get in line. Do it with your wife, your son, your husband, your sister, your brother, your cousin, your neighbor, your friends

Time is running out get in line with your wine, with your cheese sandwiches, with your tuna, peanut butter and jelly, with your head rags, your pajama pants, your blunts burning, your teeth in the jar at home, with your afro needing combing, your chicken from Popeyes, with your mother rolling in her chair, your father dressed to the nines, with your tennis shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, hikers, sandals, your lawn chairs, deck chairs, folding chairs, and blankets with your sunglasses, reading glasses, prescription glasses on, with your glass half full looking for a little more hope, with your personal fans, your umbrellas, your bags of chips, and bottles of water

Time is running out so come fill the parking lots, line the streets with cars full of bodies, and ask if the youngest can stand in line for the oldest holding their place.  Bring your wipes and wipe off your chair if somebody needs to sit for a minute and honk your horns whenever someone comes out having voted

Time is running out, Young, Old, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian American, Indigenous People, Farmers, Freight Drivers, Factory Workers, Fishermen, and Flyers all those that feel they have been Forgotten, Passed by, and Overwhelmed. Time is running out.

Time is running out if you never have, if you always do, if you don’t believe that it will make a difference, but want a change, if you feel a need to try and better our country, if you want all of us to have a chance at living better, THEN VOTE, TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

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