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Make a Lasting Impact Through LMM’s Emergency Ward Fund

You don’t have to be a volunteer guardian to make a direct impact.

In many cases, the wards in our care do not have any funds of their own to be able to purchase items that can make a difference in their quality of life. We often find that dementia will prevent a person in our care from knowing what needs they have, so a guardian’s visit allows them to assess and act. Others have basic needs that facilities aren’t able to provide. Because of generous people like you, the guardians are able to quickly purchase items like warm socks or a winter blanket to give comfort.

Our Emergency Ward Fund helps the program provide these basic needs such as clothing, medicine, food, hygiene items, transportation, and other needs that may arise. A guardian is able to quickly access the fund and provide a timely and tangible response.

If you’d like to contribute directly to the Emergency Ward Fund, please click the button. We thank you for being there for our wards!

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