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In Memoriam

Each December, we recognize and respectfully share a list of individuals who were part of the LMM family and passed away during the year. The names reflect those who were under the care of Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry’s Adult Support & Advocacy guardians, those who received services from the Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside, and individuals who have made an impact on the lives of others through their work with LMM.

As we reflect together, we will honor their memory by continuing to advocate for the oppressed, forgotten and hurting. May all who eternally rest do so peacefully in God’s hands.

Guardianship Services
Apostolakis, Anthony
Barnhouse, Barry
Belle, Doris
Bogarty, Betty
Borden, Homer
Brown, Peter
Burrell, Tommy
Chesebrough, Ranson
Cintron, George
Corpling, Samuel
Cox, Alice
Crews, Barbara
Dale, Zettie
Demary, Carol
Deskins, Delcia
Dickerson, McKinley
Dollen, Lee
Dowdell, Mary
Edler Mary
Ellis, Shirley
Emerich, Laddie
Everett, Elaine
Formet, Irmgard
Forst, Larry
Frings, Janet
Garland, James
Hadacek, Helen
Hammonds, Ronald
Heller, Jeffery
Hensley, Barbara
Hines, Shirley
Holzheimer, Rose
Horner, Cheryl
Huey, Patee
Hughes, Bryan
Jackson, Samuel
Jarosz, Stella
Jefferson, Mary
Jennings, Everett
Johngrass, Francis
King, Maybelle
King, Sandra
Kmiecik, Dolores
Kondor, Miklos
Krispi, Hentiette
Lowe, Walter
Macey, John
Manz, John
McAllister, Charles
McCrea, Shaun
McDermott, Jean
Mirantz, John
Moon, Linda
Myers, William
Neubauer, Joan
Norton, Alice
Owens, William
Pepera, Robert
Perry, Richard
Plesec, John
Prado, Ana
Reed, Otis
Rivera, Pablo
Robinson, George
Rogers, Shirley
Romano, Michael
Salmey, Thomas
Smith, Carol
Starks, Charles
Stelmasek, Emilie
Swingle, Robert
Thornton, Douglas
Toth, Barbara
Vettor, Livio
Wiggington, Shirley
Wilhelm, Ellen
Williams, Darlene
Zematis, Charles
Men’s Shelter
Baker, Anthony H.
Balys, Lukas
Brooks, Wesley
Charles, Daniel
Foust, Jeremy
Johnson, Robin
Lynch, Patrick
Pierre. Andre
Standolks, Kevin
Stennis, Charles
Sulhan, Jonathan
Travers, Richard
Woodard, Terrance

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