Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside

Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside

LMM’s Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside is the largest shelter in the state of Ohio, serving up to 350 men per night with an additional 30-60 beds available at partner overflow sites. Referrals come from the Cuyahoga County Coordinated Intake and Assessment process. At the shelter, LMM staff and social service partners provide on and off-site services to increase resident self-sufficiency. We work with individuals to end their homelessness by finding appropriate housing as soon as possible. The shelter has six communities to meet the specific needs of those men in crisis. There is also a Work Experience Program to help residents obtain job training and get back on their feet. There are three community gardens, a Neighborhood Partnership Program, and more.

The majority of shelter funding is provided by Cuyahoga County, City of Cleveland, Veterans’ Administration, FEMA, the state of Ohio and the United Way. Individuals, foundations, churches, organizations and businesses provide financial and in-kind support.

For more information contact The Men’s Shelter at 216.566.0047.

For information on volunteering, view these volunteer opportunities or contact Lydia Bailey at 216.566.0047.  For a list of program needs, including 2100 Lakeside, click here.

For information on affordable housing visit:

To Receive Shelter

Cuyahoga County has a well-organized process for singles and families to receive referrals to shelter. This effort is managed by FrontLine Service and is located at 1736 Superior, on the 2nd floor in the Bishop Cosgrove building. If you are homeless and need shelter, their Coordinated Intake and Assessment office is the first step. It is open from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you are a single, adult male and need shelter outside of those hours, you can come directly to 2100 Lakeside for shelter and go to the Coordinated Intake and Assessment office when they re-open. No appointment is needed at either location.

For more information on coordinated intake, click HERE.


When you request or received services from the Men’s Shelter, we collect information about you and your household and enter it into a computer program called ServicePoint.  This program helps us to understand homelessness, to improve service delivery to the homeless, and to evaluate the effectiveness of services provided to people who are homeless.  ServicePoint is used by over 100 social service agencies throughout the state that provide services to homeless and low-income persons.

Shelter Communities at 2100 Lakeside

Central Intake – 58 beds
Provides orientation to 2100 programming and continuum of care programs, and offers discharge planning that moves residents into appropriate housing or shelter communities.

Passages – 38 beds
Provides services and programming including pre-treatment services for persons seeking entrance into treatment facilities or other transitional housing.

Gateway – 72 beds
Provides services and support including application assistance and  personal development workshops for persons awaiting entrance into permanent supportive housing.

Independence – 72 beds
Provides services including employment and/or housing readiness for those who already have income, or are seeking employment, and qualify for independent or subsidized housing.

Veterans – 40 beds
Provides supportive services and housing assistance for qualified veterans  and veterans who are participating in the Veterans Administration’s Grant Per Diem program.

Emergency – 70 beds/15 mats/overflow
Provides short term shelter options for those not participating in other programming.

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