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Creating Equal Opportunity through Fair Chance Hiring

LMM is proud to be a Fair Chance Employer! Fair chance hiring reduces barriers to job opportunities for people with past-justice involvement and ensures a candidate is considered through a fair lens.

Part of fair chance hiring includes “banning the box.” When employers “ban the box,” it allows individuals to apply for a job and be considered for the position with no initial requirement of sharing their criminal record. This ensures the candidate is reviewed based on their experience, skillset, and character.

Only after the candidate has been considered qualified can their criminal record be requested. At that point, a fair chance employer will take into consideration the time since the prior offense, the type of offense, and any mitigating circumstances. These considerations and the role for which an individual is applying will be reviewed when deciding whether to hire the candidate.

According to research from the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation, 85% of HR and 81% of business leaders report that individuals with criminal records perform the same as or better than employees without criminal records.
At LMM, Our Workforce Development program offers vocational training, social enterprises and employment services for community members who face barriers to employment, supporting them in reentering back into the workforce.

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