The Office of Advocacy works to change public policy and raise awareness of important community issues. Our advocacy staff accomplishes this through direct public policy advocacy, contact with public officials, civic engagement and community events. LMM annually prioritizes, and our board approves, public policy and advocacy issues reflective of program interests, community issues, client needs and stakeholder concerns.

LMM believes that smart and effective government is an essential way society makes equitable decisions to improve lives, families and communities.

LMM believes that good public policy results from people with differing views rationally finding common ground; transcending exaggerated differences and aligning for the common good.

LMM has a mission-level commitment to advocacy and we work for common sense public policy solutions informed by innovative programs working on behalf of low-income and marginalized people.


In support of our commitments, our advocacy work is carried out through several key activities:

  • Civic Engagement– We use the power of convening to bring together public officials, community leaders, residents, advocates, activists and stakeholders.
  • Public Events– We host interest groups and community organizations for meetings and plan and sponsor events with public officials on important and timely issues.
  • Community Voice– We rely on trusted partner research of policy issues and bolster it with information and real-life experience directly from our clients and program participants.
  • Advocacy Days– On a priority basis, we organize legislative advocacy days, often with clients, in Columbus and in Washington, DC.
  • Advocacy Actions– We empower our staff partners and network to engage in direct advocacy with public officials through timely alerts on important issues.

It’s time for a better political culture, more thoughtful media and a renewed civic dialogue. Please join us!

Advocacy 2017 Impact Report