The Office of Advocacy works to inform and influence systems change that improves the quality of life and outcomes of the individuals served through LMM’s programs with a focus on:

1. Advancing an equitable system of justice by advocating for policies that ensure racial and socio-economic equity throughout the criminal justice system and that create smooth paths to reentry and reintegration into society.

2. Providing individuals with opportunities to change their circumstances by advocating for increases to the availability of safe affordable housing, funding for homeless services and for programs that promote investment in workforce training programs that support individuals who have low incomes, limited job opportunities, are previously incarcerated, or are facing housing insecurity.

3. Promoting health and wellness across the continuum of care by advocating for policies that increase public investment in guardianship services, support Ohio Medicaid expansion and the Affordable Care Act, and support funding for addiction and mental health services.

Question? Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry’s Director of Advocacy can be reached at or 216-658-4627