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Special Initiatives to Support Fair Chance Housing

Breaking New Ground

The largest barrier to sustainable, permanent housing is prohibitive cost. We’re closing the gap between voucher-eligible would-be renters and homes that would otherwise be unavailable to them. LMM has purchased 12 homes so far, making the goal of 20 units more than halfway complete! Three houses are finished, including a single family home and two duplexes. All five units are currently housing families. Renovations are underway or soon to begin on the other houses! Breaking New Ground exceeded its $3.5 million goal and raised $4,245,000! You can still contribute to the project, which helps to advance the Family Stability Fund, to keep families securely in their homes if they experience a financial hardship.

Second Chance Housing

The agency launched the LMM Transition in Place (LMM TIP) program in early 2021. This program is based upon the effective U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Transition in Place (VA TIP) program, with LMM adapting the model to serve individuals with sexually oriented offenses. 

While we are aware of the seriousness of the crimes, we as an agency uphold our mission to serve all, and believe in aiding in rehabilitation and second chances as people reenter the community and find a place to live. We are acutely aware of the mounting housing burden faced by individuals with such offenses. In comparison to all other shelter populations, individuals with sexual oriented offenses have the least housing resources available, and, consequently, the longest shelter stays. 

Transition in Place reduces risk regarding rental obligation and opportunity for high barrier individuals to obtain housing in verified, allowable areas from property owners who might not directly rent to individuals with eviction history, a low credit score or criminal backgrounds. The success of this pilot may mean expansion of the TIP concept to other populations who have high barriers to housing. Once the person has been successful, the property owner and individual create an occupancy agreement between them, and LMM is able to find another unit to help another person.

Coventry Houses

Our affordable, shared housing model solutions have expanded to include Coventry Houses I and II for single men leaving the Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside. Tenants complete a basic, free application to apply for housing consideration. LMM’s brief application process does not eliminate applicants based on source of income or credit scores. Leases at Coventry Houses are 12 months and renewable, and include all utilities. This is an affordable, permanent housing model, so tenants are welcome to renew as many times as is helpful to them.


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