Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry – C3A Virtual Conference

Guardianship Services at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

For over thirty years, Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry’s Guardianship Services has served Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties, providing guardians for indigent adults in need to act as advocates and decision makers.

Volunteer guardians monitor their client’s needs and care team on a monthly basis, assuring that their needs are met.  Most of our clients are residents in nursing homes living with dementia, and Guardianship Services also serves people living with severe mental illness and those in community living.

After training, volunteer guardians receive ongoing support from a Volunteer Coordinator, as well as additional staff consult including an ethics committee and pro-bono attorney.  You volunteer according to your own schedule and make no financial commitments to your guardianship.

Serving some of our community’s most vulnerable members, our volunteer guardians make a difference.

Guardian Principles

The following are the main principles under which guardians function:

    • Guardians share the qualities of compassion, commitment, honesty, and
    • Guardians treat their wards as individuals with needs and rights, and share a desire to help those who cannot help
    • Guardians guide their wards using substituted judgment and best interest standards so the ward may achieve and maintain the highest level of
    • Guardians determine what is least intrusive, most normalizing, and ultimately, best for the ward.

Interested in volunteering or want to know more?

Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Brian Stevens at 216-696-1132 ext: 180 or

There will be a virtual informational session Wednesday, June 23rd starting at 5:00 PM for anyone interested in the program followed by separate virtual trainings participants can attend in either July or October.