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LMM is making effective strides towards becoming more environmentally conscious. In an effort to supplement and improve LMM’s existing recycling practices, the agency’s Green Team is in place to improve employee education and reduce waste through increased recycling, and we’re making strides!

LMM President & CEO, Andrew Genszler, participates in trash audit

The Green Team completes monthly trash audits at LMM’s Richard Sering Center to gain insight on how to continue advancing the recycling program.

  • The audit of waste baskets revealed that recycling mistakenly ending up in trash receptacles dropped by approximately 77%, making our placement of refuse correct 94% of the time!
  • The second part of the audit showed that the amount of trash put incorrectly into recycling bins has been reduced by 100%!

The recycling program has now expanded from LMM’s headquarters to the Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside. The shelter kitchen now utilizes reusable products instead of disposable, and all bathrooms now have electric hand dryers. For resident laundry, 2100 implemented the practice of using mesh bags as opposed to disposable plastic bags.

LMM talks trash and challenges other organizations to strengthen their recycling program and awareness of green practices!

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Inclement Weather Alert: Men's Shelter at 2100 Lakeside is open. Please seek shelter!