LMM COVID-19 Response

Updated 11/03/20

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM) continues to follow the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and advance our safety and business continuity plans in coordination with various public and private sector partners. We have and will continue to implement measures to keep our clients, volunteers, partners, staff and the broader community safe, following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, National Institute of Health, Governor Mike DeWine’s office and the Ohio Department of Health.

Since early March, we have allocated and prioritized our human, financial and physical resources to provide the most essential services: sheltering adults, families and youth; providing meals to shelter residents; and supporting the health and well-being of persons under guardianship. It has taken the full effort of our team to respond to this rapidly changing environment and ensure service continuity. Staff partners are supporting essential services in many ways – whether on the front lines or behind the scenes. These efforts, in combination with the generosity of the philanthropic community, relief funding from governmental sources and a number of individual donations have allowed us to sustain financially. LMM’s services remain vital, especially at this time, and we have expanded our services and are lending support to partner organizations as they manage their own COVID response.

Many of those we serve live in congregate residential settings which can be a challenge for infectious disease prevention and mitigation. Guardianship wards live in group homes, assisted living and nursing homes; some participants in the culinary program reside at Northeast Reintegration Center; youth reside in the shelter and cluster site apartments; and the men’s shelter houses the largest number of homeless individuals under one roof in the state. Our services have been modified through a combination of remote contact and social distancing tactics so we may safely support individuals in these settings. Click here to learn more on how LMM has worked with community partners to respond to COVID-19 in the context of homelessness.

While recovery efforts and changing public guidelines are allowing for some increased in-person interaction, we remain cautious while we evaluate each of our services and client groups to determine ways to effectively provide services while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Many of the individuals we serve have at least one COVID-19 risk-factor, or are persons of color, and have been disproportionate impacted by the virus.  Some steps we have taken over the summer months include: inviting back a small group of students to participate in culinary training; staff and volunteer guardians providing in-person visiting on a case by case basis; and, hosting outdoor clean up projects. We otherwise have decided to stay the course and continue to monitor the situation closely as we move into flu season and anticipate the persistence of COVID-19.  Therefore, the following measures remain in place:

  • Richard Sering Center at 4515 Superior Ave. and Health & Wellness Services at 4100 Franklin Blvd. are closed to the public;
  • Essential services that support basic needs will be provided and expanded as needed or requested;
  • The portion of our staff who have been working from home will continue to work from home; and
  • On-site volunteering by groups and individuals remains on hold.

LMM’s role in the community will remain prominent in responding to the pandemic on behalf of those most marginalized.  As with most businesses, the way we provide services and the way we work has changed dramatically, and we miss the community engagement of volunteers and civic partners.  As we continue to adapt to this new environment to rise to the challenge ahead, we invite your continued support and involvement:

  • Financial contributions enable LMM to continue to serve. Please consider making a generous contribution to our organization to be used for an area of greatest need.
  • In-kind contributions can safely be made through our Amazon Wish List. To learn more about our supply needs and make a contribution, click here.
  • Participating in our Advocacy Actions ensures that our elected officials know how our community’s most vulnerable members are affected by the pandemic and about the push for racial justice. To join our email list, scroll to the “Join our eNewsletter” section at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your financial and in-kind support, thoughts and prayers during this challenging time. 

For regular updates regarding LMM, stay in touch via our TwitterFacebook and website.

Please stay safe and well,

Maria Foschia

Maria A. Foschia

Chief Operating Officer