LMM COVID-19 Response

March 2021

Reflections A Year Later

It was with great optimism that we began 2020 with an eye toward transformative services – new solutions in housing for adults, families and youth, expanding our reach in workforce development and social enterprise, and strengthening our health and wellness services in support of a holistic service model.  With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in early March of last year, and in ensuing weeks and months, it became clear that LMM’s role in the community would be prominent in responding to the pandemic on behalf of those most marginalized.  Buoyed by a resilient staff and unwavering leadership team, the organization pivoted in response to what was required in these often termed “unprecedented times” to not only maintain, but expand services and advocacy to adapt to the environment.  At a time when organizations and businesses were shutting down, as a provider of essential services, LMM was ramping up efforts as a mission imperative and building on a solid reputation of experience, effectiveness and financial stewardship. 

As terms such as “social distancing” and “quarantine” entered our society’s vocabulary and became the norm, the vulnerability of the majority of LMM’s clients became evident.  Persons under guardianship, adults and youth experiencing homelessness or housing crises, and those incarcerated live in congregate settings, providing obstacles to adhering to the health mandates to “flatten the curve” and minimize community spread.  As the virus began to takes its toll, a disproportionate impact on persons of color was also revealed. Those already marginalized, were at risk to be further oppressed and forgotten.

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