Metro Metal Works

Metro Metal Works is a Social Enterprise which designs, manufactures, sells and installs bicycle racks while training individuals from an under-utilized workforce, resulting in their employment and self-sufficiency.

We believe that through filling the need for locally manufactured, high quality bike racks we can achieve 3 goals: Financial sustainability of the program and positive income to the organization, employment training for populations LMM serves, and improved bicycle access for Cleveland.

A need for bike racks in Cleveland is LMM’s response to research exposing the 25% of the city’s population that has no motorized personal vehicles, the growing trend to bike, and the Mayor and the City of Cleveland’s attempt to make Cleveland a more bike friendly city.

Our racks are made out of heavy gauge steel tubing and can be securely mounted to the ground for maximum theft protection.  All racks come standard with a powder coated finish to ensure weather resistance and durability.
As the prices for materials are subject to change, so will the cost of our bike racks.

Feel free to check out our brochure with bike rack information.

See a short video of us on News net 5.

To place a bike rack order, contact Bevin Schenk at (216)-658-8421 or

To learn more about Metro Metal Works, contact Bryan Mauk at (216) 658-4608 or