Health & Wellness Services

LMM’s Health & Wellness Services program increases the quality of life for adults and children in northeast Ohio by providing much-needed trauma-informed counseling, mental health and substance abuse services, educational programs and various community outreach efforts.

We are certified for mental health services and are a Medicaid provider. Trauma-informed and culturally competent counseling services are open to youth and adults.

LMM is involved in the Health Hub Initiative and trains congregations to serve as Health Hubs, which reduce health, social and economic disparities in their communities.

Friend to Friend engages volunteers in one-on-one prison visitation.

Young African American Reclamation Project, Jr. (YAARP, Jr.) provides violence and substance abuse prevention services for youth ages 7 – 17.

CLICK HERE to make a referral to licensed counselors who deal with a variety of emotional and psychological problems, many of them very serious issues such as abuse, violence, anger management, depression, marital conflict, and family issues.

For more information, contact Lisa Smith at 216.281.2500 or