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About Us

LMM’s Workforce Development Department is dedicated to walking with each student as they seek to improve their lives, one skill at a time. We offer personalized attention to every individual, connecting them to the fullest extent possible with tools to turn their goals into reality. Whether it’s case management, counseling, or simply a boost in confidence brought by mastering a new skill set, we are dedicated to meeting each student where they are.

A Program for Every Appetite

6 Month

Culinary Training Program (CTP)

We took a traditional culinary school curriculum and condensed it down to deliver maximum results in minimum time. Students gain all the basic skills needed to begin working on the line in any restaurant.

The successful graduate will earn:

  • LMM’s JobReady Certificate
  • LMM’s TechCamp Certificate
  • ServSafe Manager (Level 2) Certification

9 Month

Hospitality Training Program (HTP)

Building on to the 6 month program, Students will continue to broaden their knowledge of the Culinary World by adding on coursework targeted at increasing their Front-Of-House and Managerial chops.

The successful graduate will earn:

  • LMM’s Hospitality Diploma
  • Hands-on Internship Experience in one of our Cafes 

18 Month

Associate’s Degree Program

Running through the summer quarters, our unique 18 month program allows our students to complete a 2-year Associate’s degree 25% faster than traditional degree programs. 

The successful graduate will earn:

  • Associate’s Degree
  • Potential to transfer credits to partnering institutions towards Bachelors degree

What to Expect

  • LMM is observing strict COVID-19 Protocols: Class sizes are limited, social distancing and proper mask wearing is enforced, temperature checks and sanitization schedules have been put in place. We are committed to safeguarding the health of our students, staff, and faculty.
  • Strict attendance, dress code, and hygiene policies: we are a production kitchen!
  • All Ingredients, books, and equipment are included in the price of tuition
  • Lunch is provided to students daily
  • Graduates of the 6 month program will receive their own knife kit

Give Back

While completing coursework in Central Kitchen, each student contributes to feeding those experiencing homelessness in the greater Cleveland area. Our students are a valuable piece of supply chain which provides over 2,000 meals DAILY to our network of shelters.

Education From Scratch

Whether you’re a seasoned professional re-entering the field, or fresh to the culinary world altogether, LMM will provide all the ingredients you need to create a delicious career.

We’ve got a prime cut on location 

LMM is located near the heart of Downtown Cleveland, an epicenter of culinary excellence and innovation.  We have partnerships with several top-tier restaurants to create unique and incredibly valuable externship opportunities for our advanced students.

“My biggest takeaway from this program is confidence; that I can do something better with my life”

“I have the capability of starting my own business”

“The Culinary Training Program helped me give back, and remember where I came from”

Meet a few of our Students

Jen Jillek

Tye Delisle

Darius Steen

Let’s Get Cooking!


4515 Superior Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44103


(216) 696-2715

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