Current Initiatives

The Office of Advocacy works to change public policy and raise awareness of important community issues. Our advocacy staff accomplishes this though direct public policy advocacy, contact with public officials, civic engagement and community events. LMM annually prioritizes, and our board approves, public policy and advocacy issues reflective of program interests, community issues, client needs and stakeholder concerns.

Public Policy Priorities

  • Increase funding and support for vulnerable adults in Greater Cleveland
  • Support policy efforts designed to reduce mass incarceration, reform the criminal justice system, and provide opportunities for success re-entry
  • Support efforts that improve the quality of life of persons who age out of foster care
  • Support efforts to maintain the Medicaid Expansion and to enhance the Affordable Care Act
  • Support efforts to reinstate Ohio’s Renewable Energy Standards
  • Support efforts to appropriately fund housing trust funds and to  increase affordable housing for low-income persons, especially for veterans and people who are homeless