Willie Maddox
Willie Maddox

Willie Maddox

Portraits of Homelessness

Photos and stories of men who are homeless

Willie died in August of 2009. A friend remembers: One night we both were at a meeting. He missed his bus. I was driving, so I invited him to my place. I was worried about having to wrestle with him if he got intoxicated, but the next morning I found him sitting watching Day Star, a Christian program. At the shelter he was always humorous, always reading.

Mike, another friend, says: Willie Maddox was the most beautiful man I ever met in all my time here at 2100. In spite of his problems, he was my friend. If he could help you, he would.

A volunteer also misses Willie. Frequently, he says, as I replenished books in the Emergency area or the dining room, Willie came up
on his walker, looking for something to read. Often he’d ask, “”Got a war book?”

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