Marco Henderson
Marco Henderson

Jeremy Moses

Portraits of Homelessness

Photos and stories of men who are homeless

I’m 19, one of the youngest people here, and my 3rd time in a shelter. Before 2100 I was at Project Hope in Painesville, and before that Union Mission in Norfolk, Virginia– I got left there by people who I thought were my friends.

I’ve been in shelters because I have no where to go. Mom and Dad have been divorced since I was 4 and I’ve bounced back and forth between parents since then.

I was kicked out of my room. They gave my room to my older stepsister. My stepdad had me sleep on a couch and wanted me to get a job and give half the paycheck to him-just for sleeping on a couch. Instead, I’d hang out with my friends until late at night. Me and my stepdad have never gotten along.

I was in the Fairport Harbor School district- a small district, just about 35 kids in the graduating classes. I quit school in the 11th grade. No one seemed to notice.

I don’t have a drug or alcohol problem. Now I work for MX Energy, signing people up for lower gas bills. I’m told I will be going to G.A.P, Youth Assistance Program , to help me with housing. That was supposed to be a month ago.

I just want to get out of here.

-Jeremy Moses

The rooster in this photograph was seen poking around for food on the streets by the shelter and slowly made his way to 2100. The rooster hung around the East Dock where Jeremy would sit. There was a gentle exchange between this bird and Jeremy. Word had it the rooster was involved in cock fights, leaving him blind in one eye and feathers torn. Then the weather turned cold. The rooster was taken to a farm with assurances of his safety.

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