Barry Harris
Barry Harris

Barry Harris

Portraits of Homelessness

Photos and stories of men who are homeless

Today I am happy for the simple things; fixing breakfast, clothing myself, seeing someone else smile, knowing God is in this day.

I was born and raised in Cleveland with a twin brother by the name of Larry. I had 8 brothers and sisters. My mom worked hard to help us. My dad did what he could but died at 49 due to alcoholism.

At a young age me and my twin brother worked hard for the family, doing the wash, carrying pop bottles to the local stores, helping people with their groceries.

Then I began a journey that was not right to God: stints in prison, wealth by dishonest means. At the end of the day I found I was never happy, but went on like this for 25 years.

In this time I lost a brother to crack cocaine who shot himself in the head. I had a sister who did drugs as well, and then I became a user of my own product.

In 2004, I lost everything and went to a place called 2100, a shelter for men. Right there I began to see the hand of the Lord. You would never think your lowest time would be your highest. I met strangers who cared for me. They didn’t have to be nice, but they cared more than folks close to me.

Kathy Walker, the shelter’s Housing Coordinator, helped me find my own apartment. Now I’m affiliated with Mighty Movers, a moving company.
I am seeing if you trust God, life will work out. God will help you rest at night, remove your fear, little by little give you more faith. 1’0r me there is no turning back-no turning back.

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