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3D Printed Housing is Coming to CLE!


May 15, 2024

LMM Media Contact: Jessica Starr

Cleveland City Council Approves $500K for 3D Housing Pilot to Help Solve Housing Instability

LMM to use cutting-edge technology for reducing instances of homelessness. 

Housing is a human right, but safe, affordable housing stock is limited for individuals experiencing housing instability in Cleveland. Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM), operator of the largest homeless shelter in Ohio, is working on solutions to move people out of homelessness and into housing that’s affordable and attainable, but also keeping the broader community in mind.

LMM, a 55-year-old advocacy and social service nonprofit, is known for finding innovative solutions to problems facing greater Cleveland’s most vulnerable populations. In this housing market, you don’t have to be homeless to face housing insecurity, due to the rising cost of rent and home ownership.

LMM is prepared to develop affordable and innovative housing with the City of Cleveland and collaborating partners. LMM’s pilot plan, approved by Cleveland City Council this week, allows $500,000 to go towards the project. $150,000 will support a six month due diligence process for planning and execution. The other $350,000 will be used to pilot two 3D printed homes; the pilot will take approximately one year from the completion of the due diligence process.

The need for affordable housing is urgent and expanding. The partners aspire to use cutting-edge technology to significantly reduce the incidence of homelessness in Cleveland, provide affordable housing, stabilize neighborhoods, and create workforce development opportunities for training in 3D printing. If successful, this pilot project will serve as a national model for replication.

“There are many reasons why this type of housing is right for here and now,” says Michael Sering, Vice President of Housing & Shelter at LMM. “3D printed houses increase the affordable housing stock and cost significantly less than traditional new builds. New units can be built in a matter of weeks. Building on vacant parcels will promote community stabilization. There are currently thousands of lots held by the city and county landbanks.”

The 3D printed options will address homelessness and households with low to moderate income. There is no lead involved, so the homes offer enhanced healthy and safe. Research shows the structures can stand up to Cleveland weather and are expected to last 100+ years. There is also benefit to the environment, with up to 90 percent reduction in construction waste.

About LMM: The mission of LMM is the challenge systemic injustice faced by those who are oppressed, forgotten, and hurting by providing responsive solutions, advocacy, and hope.

www.lutheranmetro.org  •  Social: @LMMCleveland  •  4515 Superior Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44103

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