Dear Friends and Supporters,

Drew GenszlerAs you might have heard, Friday, October 15 was my last day at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry. Our team has offered this space as a farewell blog, so I thought I’d take them up on a brief opportunity to express my gratitude to so many of you who make this unique organization what it is.

I am so proud to have been a part of this community for eight years and of what we have accomplished with active support from all of you: strengthening and growing our funding streams, building out innovative and impactful programs, establishing (a now almost complete!) campaign for affordable housing, achieving accreditation status, and renewing our mission level commitment to authentic and effective public voice for justice as right relationship.

We are emerging stronger from the unprecedented experience of the past 18 months due to the incredible everyday dedication of our board, leadership and staff partners. I believe LMM is well positioned for turning our city’s challenges into opportunities, and for finding those opportunities among priorities expressed by the community.

Choosing to move on is bittersweet. LMM is a special place; both relational community and civic-oriented non-profit. It’s hard to believe I have been part of shaping this organization and its important work for eight years. However, as with anything really worth doing, I find that the people and the work and the mission of LMM have also profoundly shaped and inspired and defined me.

In short, through meeting the oppressed, forgotten and hurting at LMM on their own terms, I have been changed as well, and for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you and I hope our paths cross in the future!
Drew Genszler