The Social Enterprise branch aims to be a business “think tank” with a goal of applying earned-income strategies to operate businesses that achieve the social justice purpose of empowering individuals who are oppressed, forgotten and hurting.

Through viable businesses, the Social Enterprise branch provides work experience and short term training to individuals that LMM already serves. Programs include Metro Metal Works and Central Kitchen.

Short-term job training provided by these enterprises includes 4 stages that program participants will go through that will open the door to more opportunities. After participants go through the hiring process, a prescreening period prepares them in job readiness. They will then enter hard skill training which includes six months of combined classroom structure and on-the-job-training. There are 18 positions available between both enterprises.

The final step is long-term employment. We aim to empower participants and give them employable skills. Initially, some long-term positions will be created, but more opportunities may be presented as the enterprise grows. LMM has a long tradition of hiring from populations they serve.

For more information please contact Director Bryan Mauk at (216) 658-4608 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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