On behalf of the Board of Directors of Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, I thank you for your generosity throughout 2012.  I am pleased to present our annual Honor Roll of Donors. Your contributions provide invaluable support and help us fulfill our mission of promoting peace and justice with those among us who are forgotten and hurting.  I look forward to your ongoing support as we respond to God’s requirement and walk humbly with our neighbors in need.


Rev. Richard Gahl
Chair, Board of Directors


Individual Donors


David Abbott and Jan Roller

Connie Abdul-Amin

Christa Acker

Emily Adams

Francis Afram-Gyening

Peter Albrecht

Robert E. and Cara L. Allen

Rev. David Anderson and Joanna Pretz-Anderson

Eugene and Alice L. Andrews

Thomas Andrzejewski

George and Janet Angus

Jennie Archer

David and Lynda A. Arth

Shirley M. Asale

Nora Augustine

Robin Bachman

John and Kathy Baker

Richard K. and Sara K. Balch

Frank and JoAnne M. Bargar

William A. and Nancy Barnett

Martha S. Barone

John and Kathleen Barrett

Philip J. and Barbara L. Bartels

Roldo S. Bartimole and Ann B. Abid

Eileen J. Beal

Robert Becker and Luanne Bole-Becker

Judith Beeler

Gordon and Martha Beggs

Nancy Beheim

Doris Belknap and Susan J. Link

Kuno S. and Biba M. Bell

Marvin and Virginia Benade

Joseph and Kathleen Benedict

Dr. David Bennhoff

Lawrence A. and Barbara L. Beradinis

Richard and Sara Berg

Cecele Beringer

Ila M. Berry

Doris A. Berry

Kay Bertermann

Robert J. and Pamela P. Bertsch

James and Jean Biek

Megan Billow

Rev. Sherman Bishop and Deborah Yandala

Gerald Blake

Mark F. and Carol S. Blakeslee

Dudley and Kathryn F. Blossom

Thomas J. and Judith V. Blue

James A. Blue

James and Carole Bluhm

Jay and Diane Boerwinkle

Josh and Aimee Bogner

Donald Bogner

Joanne Bomba and Margaret* Bomba

John R. and Joy V. Bomba

Stephen and Joyce Bond

Mark E. and Chelley A. Bond

Bob and Pam Bonnett

John and Karen Booth

Rev. Mulba and Ethel Borsay

Carole Botfa

David and Carole Bowers

Evelyn S. Boyd

Richard R. and Ellen E. Braatz

Kevin and Deborah Bracy

Nicole Braden Lewis and Zachary Lewis

Lou and Dolores Bragg

Rev. Mark Brauer

Dr. Warren and  Linda Brauer

Donald and Leonie Braun

Norman and Edna Braun

Bob and Kim Brazina

Bernard A. and Christine M. Bresson

Neil J. and Patricia A. Bright

Nita Bring-Mazurek and Jeff Mazurek

Don and Deb Broomfield

Edward and Sara Brown

Senator Sherrod Brown and Connie Schultz

Trisha Brown

Marcella J. Brown

Jerry Brown and Edyta Postolowicz

Gary Brown

Dorothy Broz

Cory and Monica Bruaw

Carl and Shirley Bruns

Matt Bryan

Rev. George and Dorothy Buck

Frank W. Buck and Leslie Miller Buck

Rev. David and Susan Buegler

Kenneth and Polly Burns

Zickfield Burns and Janet Maxine Burns

Donna Burns

Geraldine Burns

Mary E. Bushong

Philip Calabrese and Becky Bynum

Hugh Calkins

Beverly K. Campbell and Alan E. Nemerovsky

Rita Canute

Ruth Anna Carlson

Marian K. Carpenter

Rev. Mary C. Carson

Stephanie Carter

Wendy Case

Brian Case

Thomas Cashman

Dr. Phillip and Linda Catanzaro

Kenneth and Martha Catherwood

Patrick R. and Susan Cervenik

Howard and Dawn Chavalia

David and Donna Chelini

Shelby Chesko

Lucy Anne Christopher

Deborah A. Ciprus

Carolyn Cirincione

Kathryn M. Cleveland and William N. Forsyth

Rev. Richard and Eleanor Clewell

Carrie C. Corblentz

Herbert and Ursula Cohrs

Blaine Coleman

Quella M. Columbaro

Aims and Rita P. Coney

Robert W. and Donna Conklin

Van E. Conway and Lori Caretti

Hon. Colleen C. and John Cooney

Arthur J. and Marian E. Copeland

Elaine Corbett

Marcia Cornelius

Beverly J. Costello and Bonnie J. Thiel

Kathy Cotman

Timothy Coughlin

Deborah Cowling

Janice Craig

Bruce L. and Darlene M. Creager

Rev. Terry and Marlene Cripe

John Cuciak

Judith S. Cuciak

Dennis E. and Judy E. Culley

Tom Cunniff and Linda J. Thurston

Rouven and Sue Cyncynatus

Joe and Valerie Czerwien

James and Karen Dakin

Barbara J. Daly

Anne Dalzell and John Wert

Bruce P. Danevich

Jeffrey L. and Barbara M. Darkow

John and Jill Davies

Carole and Lowell Davis

Judith Ann Davis

Thomas W. and Valerie Davis

Annette C. Davlin

Carol Dayton

Patti De Rosa

Monica R. Deadwiler

David D. Dean

Louise M. Debell

Daniel H. and Barbara J. Decker

Helen A. Deforest Rose

Eugene Degyansky

Neeltje-Anne DeKoster

David Denes

Bill and Mary Denihan

Gary and Susan J. Dennison

Judith Detman

Lynn Van Deusen

Lois R. DeViney

Dorothy Devorak

Paul E. and Sharyn E. Dey

Cathy and Leigh A. Digel

Robert Dinardo

Terrence M. and Trina A. Dobberstein

Dennis E. and Gladys B. Doherty

Rev. Hank and Mary Doll

Peter and Magdalene M. Donohoe

E. Marie Dornbrook

Debra Ann Doughty

William and Sanda Douglas

James and Gwendolyn Drake

Albert and Arline Dress

Ann Droste

Phillip J. and Jacquelyn M. Dudra

Michael and Linda Dudzinsky

Rev. Ron and Phyllis Duer

George P. and Mary Duer

Dr. Mark and Evelyn Duffy

Karen Dumont and Bailey Herrington

Mark and Cindy Duran

Stanley P. and Jane E. Dus

Janice Dzigiel

Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton and Rev. T. Conrad Selnick

Harold Eberhard

Lucy G. Eckstein

James and Marilyn Edwards

Bob and Janet Ehlers

Mary Ellen Eickman Fiala

Daniel R. Elliott, III

I. Robert and M. Ladyne Emmerich, Jr.

Robert and Georgia Engelbert

Arthur Engelmann

William Engelmann

Muriel Ente and Kay Ariel

David Ernat and Barbara A. Fortin

Martha Estok and Kimberly H. Eiting

Robert A. and Kathleen E. Etterman

Margaret Everhart and Martha J. Everhart

Traci Ext

Gary B. Facer

Amy L. Fadeley

Dr. Kathleen J. and David L. Farkas

Elaine Farrington

Corey and Nora Faul

Dick Feagler and Julie Haug Feagler

Hans and Roberta Feinstein

Dr. Marjorie Ferrari

Nancy Fetterman

Dorothy E. Fike

Walter and Mary Ann Filipow

Verna Fink

John D. and Beverly Fish

Thomas H. Fisher and Barbara A. Boltz

Rev. Bob and Jan Fitzpatrick

Anita Fjeldstad

Carrie J. Fletcher and Donald W. Wiest

David V. and Peggy A. Forbes

Gerald Ford

Neil E. Forni

Maria A. Foschia

Margaret M. Foschia

David Fox

Linda Frank

Robert and Donna Franz

Carol Fredrich and John Fairweather

Terry and Judith Fredrich

Friedrich W. and Gisela E. Freund

Marty Friedman

Daniel and Barbara A. Fronczak

Dorothy Fry

David C. and Claudia S. Fulton, Jr.

Katherine D. Funkner

Rev. Richard and Judith Gahl

Rev. Enno and Ruth H. Gahl

Karen E. Gahl-Mills and Laurence Mills-Gahl

Hon. Laura Gallagher

Paul Gallin

Donald and Dolores Ganzhorn

Bob Gardner

William L. Garrison and Mary Jo Mlakar

Jennifer Garvey

Dr. Peter and  Emily Geier

Ron and Jan Geiling

Robert Geodeon

William and Nancy Gerdes

Joseph K. and Victoria A. Getz

David L. and Carol C. Geyer

Melanie GiaMaria and Richard Greene

Kim S. and Jean M. Giberson

Leslie Gicei

Mike and Jennifer Sering Gilbert

Doris Gilbert

Ken and Kristin Gill

David R. Gillespie and Juli A. Douglass-Gillespie

Ruth Anne Gillett

Bruce and Michele Gillum

Chester and Carol Giltz

Kara M. Giusti

Mark and Karen Givens

Elizabeth R. Glas

Ruth M. Glaser

Walter and Janice Glatz

Ted and Nancy Goble

Robert and Kay Gold

Janet Goodwyn

Mary Therese Gorman

Marguerite H. Gosewisch

Megan Lea Graham

Stanley G. and Patricia E. Grant

Leslie P. Greissing

Christine Grieves

Susan Griffin and Paul J. Martell

Shelly Grisik

Elsie T. Gross

Howard A. and Patricia G. Grosser

Michael and Colleen Grossner

Dave and Sue Grunenwald

John Gruner

Jean E. Gschwend

David H. and Robin S. Gunning

Daniel Michael Gurepko

George Gutschmidt

Elizabeth Ann Hagen

Susan M. Hagen

Richard T. and Janice M. Halishak

G.R. and Mary Hamilton

John Handyside, III

Dr. Richard and Wanda Hansler

Stephen and  Susan Hansler

Rev. Robert and Sue Hanson

Warren P.Happel and diane g. happel

Edmund A. and Noreen J. Harbart

Marilyn P. Hardwick

Valeria A. Harper

Bradley Harsh

John and Lois Haselow

Herman and Martha Hasselbrack

Martin N. and Elise C. Hassink

Ana A. Hatchett

Dr. A. Daniel and Kristen Hatchett

Richard L. and Essie L. Hayduk

Carolyn A. Hayek and Joan Castelucci

Candice Hazelwood

Walter and Jan Hedlund

Richard and Ruth Hein

Liza Heinig

Greg and Katie Helms

Edward L. and Anita J. Hendershot

Douglas W. and Kathleen Henderson

Janet Henderson

Bobbie Hendrick

Elizabeth G. Hendricks

Dorene Henschen

Susan C. Hesse

Peter A. and Viola Hessler

Elizabeth J. Hickle

George R. and Arlene Hill

Jearlean Hill

Kenneth F. and Laurel Hille

Denis and Beverly Hine

Stephen Hirschfeld

Reginald A. Hodges and Arin Knox-Hodges

Jerry W. Hoegner

Barbara Hoekstra and James E. Stumpf

F.H. Hollenberg and P.G.* Hollenberg

Carole Hollinger

William C. and Susan B. Holman

William Holt

Annemarie Hopfer

Brent R. and Lori M. Horvath

Stephen W. Horvath and Ethel Phillips Horvath

Deaconess Judy Hosek and Nick Dobrinich

Terry W. and Susan J. Howe

Phyllis Howell

William and Catherine Howell

Bill and Bev Howlett

Rev. George Hrbek and Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek

Mark and Gwen Hruska

June Hudson

Joan T. Huetter

Paul F. and Robin Hughes

Walter and Jean Hulme

Jane Huml and Steven Kneale

William and Betty Ishler

Rev. Richard Israel and Rev. Lois H. Annich

J. T.  and J. A. Jacobson

Robert S. Jakubcin and Irene Hempel Jakubcin

Robert and Ardis Janke

Dennis and Susan Jarecke

Ted and Jacqueline Jarmol

Elizabeth F. Jarvi

Marian and William* Jech

Ruth Jenkins

Leon Jenkins

Paul Jennings

Kathryn M. Jennings

Jerald and Doris Johanson

David N. and Lisa Johnson

Aaron and Eva Johnson

Ricardo Johnson and Debbie May-Johnson

Robert B. Johnson

Sandra L. Johnson

James E. and Gail F. Johnston

Rev. Ken Jones

Peter J. Jones and Jan L. Hollinger Jones

Sonya Jones

John F. Jones

Kathryn Joseph

Craig W. and Janice L. Juhn

David A. Just

Ed and Mary Kay Kahl

Janice M. Kahn

Dana Kaiser

Barbara Kanary and John Butchko

Roy Karp and Susan L. Ziegan

Francis and Karen Kaspar

Eleanor H. Katzbach

Judy Kazak

Curt J. and Melissa M. Keating

Douglas and Kathryn Keck

Mary Kathryn Keefe and Paul Imm

Mary Kennedy

Harry W. and Julie L. Kestler, III

Dr. Jay Kiefer and Mary Whaley Kiefer

Rev. Don King

Joe and Ruth King

Maura B. King

Howard and Beverly King, Jr.

Russell R. and Deborah K. Kingery

Leon D. Kinsley

Dale Edward Kirk

Betty Kirnel

Deacon Robert P. and Claudine Kirschner

Edward Kirst

Esther Kish

Gary and Diane R. Klein

Jennifer Klettlinger

John S. and Kristine A. Klindworth

Christopher and Wendy Kline

Joseph J. and Merry S. Knab

William H. and Janet E. Knaggs

Bob and Carol Knepel

Fred and Michon Koch

Walter and Marian Koch

Charles and Barb Koch

Jeanne E. Kocher

Keith Koenning

Mary Ellen and Ron Kohler

Frank R. Koncz

Robert and June Kopper

Robert Kopsak

Marjorie Korcheck

Peter M. Kotchen and Catherine Trammell Kotchen

Anna R. Kovalycsik

Gary J. and Janie A. Koza

Maria Kraml

Lillian Krause

Leslie Krebs

Gary and Susan Krech

Nikki Krejci

Audrey Krekel

Frederick K. and Sheila A. Kressierer

Kate Kretschmann

Robert Kretschmann

John and Mary Krogness

Louise B. Krubsack

Gerritt C. and Peg Kuechle

G. Kueck

Donald G. and Dorothy Kuhn

Rev. David Kukelhan

Walter and Lorna Kukelhan

Richard and Virginia Labus

Kathryn M. Lad

Ronald and Carolyn Lang

Alice A. Lang

Norman and Ruth Lange

David A. and Eunice K. Langner

Joseph Lapinski

James and Sharon Lappin

Mary A. Laquatra

Robert L. and Gretchen S. Larson

Arlene Lasher

George and Eleanor Lautanen

Paul Lebo

Tim and Jennifer Lee

David Lentz

Albert Leonetti

Reinhold and Eleanor Leske

Terrie Leske

Betty Denise Leslie

Terry Lester

Richard* and Mary Levtzow

Jonathan Levitt

Dale M. and Sandra A. Levy

Dorothy Lewis

William and Lucille Lieblein

Gary and Jan Likowski

John R. and Linda R. Lincoln

Raymond Ling

Patricia Anne Lintala

Richard A. and Laura N. Little

Bill and Joy Long

Laura Longbrake

Dr. James P. and Linda Loveland

Diane Lukat

Sarah Lukwinski-Shemo and Vincent W. Shemo

Linda Lumbert

Chris Lund and Kerry Kornblatt

Paul and Bev Lund

Shirley Ann Lynn

William and Margaret Mackey

Jennifer A. and Brendan J. Mackin

J.  Melvin and Marie E. Maharg

Lucile Maher

Martha Mahler Dus

Manfred A. and Bettye J. Maki

Frank Malatesta

Allen and Lynne Maragliano

Ronald P. and Judith A. Marinko

Hon. Richard and Carol Markus

Gerald and Bea Marlette

Gene and Kristin Marquardt

Charliss J. Marsh

Kathleen and Severne Maszczynski

Dale and Beverly Mather

Lois Mather

Matthew and Barb Matlak

David A. and Doreen S. Mattson

Rodney A. and Teresa A. Mattson

Bryan and Rachael Mauk

Nicole Mawby

Bev McArthur

Robert and Denise J. McClanahan

Gloria and Peter McCune

Scott and Ellen McFadden

William and Kimberly McFadden

Robert J. and Jill A. McGarr

Margaret McGervey-Zayas

John McGovern

Jean L. McIntosh

Christina McKay

Scott Y. and Lori A. McKown

Dr. Tom and Marilyn McLaughlin

Thomas and Marisa McLelland

Archie and Pam McLennan

Hon. Timothy E. and Christine T. McMonagle

Patrick McMorrow

Lois McNabb

Flo McNichols

Donald and Sandra McPherson

Michelle Medrick

Donna Meinke

Amanda Meitz

Guy V. and Kathryn Mercer

James E. and Anne V. Messer

Steve and Barbara L. Messner

Joseph Metro*

Kirk and Barbara Metzger

Frank J. Meznarich, Sr.

Dick and Carol Michel

Douglas V. and Nancy Mickan

Tim Milkovich

Alma Miller and Karen Dillon*

Rev. Marcus and Kathy Miller

Virginia Miller

Christopher Miller

Sylvia Miller

Cledith L. and Becky S. Miller

Diane Miller

Robert A. and Judith H. Minium

Randolph R. and Joyce C. Minnick

Steve and Dolly Minter

Lisa Miralia

Alice Mitchell

John A. and Janet E. Mitchell

Tim Mize

Catherine B. and Eric Mohney

Bettye Morgan

Rev. Ron Morgan and Gail M. Habecker

William and Cheryl M. Morris

Jane and Thomas W. Morris

John Morrison and Emily Baker Hester

Bert and Marjorie Moyar

Glenda Moyers

June Murany

John Kevin and Rachel A. Musser

Michelle Myers

Jeffrey Neeper

Dr. Leslie A. Netland

Barbara Nicholl

Robert W. and Jean E. Nicholls

David and Ruth Ninke

Jean Noffke

David Nordlie

Alice Norman

Fred and Ann Norman

Joseph and Marilyn Novak

Custon T. Nyabanga

Maria Oberberger

Paul R. and Sharon L. Oberst

Barbara Oehlberg

Barbara M. and Michael T. O'Malley

Leslie Organ

James and Joann O'Riordan

Norm Orth

Anne Osborne

Bill and Carol* Ott

Jon H. and Jane Q. Outcalt

Bonita Owens

Carolyn A. and Richard A. Oyen

Mark and Marlene Packer

David H. and Anne C. Paine

Martin W. and Laura Palcisko

Joy Pallotta

J. Ward Pallotta

Joseph and Carol Panaccione

Lynn S. and Theodore R. Pangrace

Sandra Pannetti

Sarah Parran

Carol Pearson

Kelli K. Perk

Doyle and Marilyn Perry

Paul and Charlene Peterson

Joyce Pettry

Beth Pfohl

Gloria Pickett

Ruthanna Pieplow

Richard Pietch

Rev. Ralph and Janie Pitman, Jr

Marilyn and William Poduska

John Polacok

Jan D. Pomfrett and Carolyn A. Pomfrett

Erika Popp

Gerda Potz

Lynne Poulton

Norm Prahst, Jr.

Lynn Prange

Howard and Marilyn* Pressnell

Michael S. and Julie L. Pressnell

Dr. Thomas G. Pretlow and Dr. Theresa Pretlow

John and Norine Prim

Linda J. and Max R. Proffitt

Dale E. and Denise E. Ralph

Emil Ramba

Carrie Ranney

Charles A. and Sharon F. Raquet

Tim and Pam Rasgaitis

Arnold* and Harriet Rathje

Dr. Basabi Ratnaparkhi

Michael K. and Dorothy E. Raum

Scott and  Mary Rawlings

David and Jeanette Rebeck

Lynn Reboul

Ronald Register

Beth Reid

Dr. Tobias Reid

Susan Reinker

Carl* and Linda Reisacher

Barb Reitz

Michael Reynold

Richard T. and Bonnie J. Rhodes

Nancy Ricca

Bob and Sue Richenburg

Rev. Joe and Gail Rinderknecht

John and Patricia Ringenbach

Aimen and Karen Rizk

Norm and Bridget Robbins

Gerald A. and Ellen Roberson

Dave and Pam Roberts

Patricia S. Robertson

Laurie Rokakis

Rev. Mark D. and Alison D. Rollenhagen

Dorothy E. Root

Ethel F. Rose

Patricia and Curtis Ross

Jane W. Roth

Marc F. Ruckel

Peter Ruggiero and Linda Dolan-Ruggiero

Dr. Ann Russell

Harry and Ellen Sabiers

Mark and  Karen Samsonas

Lisa Sandoval

Ellie A. Sanow

Carmen Santin

Delores R. Schaefer and Deborah Kay Kingery

David and Edith Schatt

Bevin Schenk

Elaine Schiff

Richard P. Schilke and Sharon L. Higey

Rev. Lynn and Sue Schlessman

Rev. Richard and Joan Schluep

Bette Schmeling

Kenneth F. and Margaret Schmidt

Margaret and Karl J.* Schmidt

Andrea Schmidt

Rita Schnedler

Matthew Schnoke

Dr. Helmut and Helen Schreiber

Alfred Schroeder

James and Margaret Schroeder

Stephen and Kathryn Schultz

Brooke and Elizabeth Schumm, Jr.

Daniel and Leanna Schuster

Judith M. Schuster

John T. and Tina M. Schwab

Gene and Catherine Schwarze

Herb* and Janet Scott

James M. and Amanda P. Sears, Jr.

Robert and Jean Seaton

Charles R. See and Deb Arnall See

Deborah Anne Seim

Maureen Seim

Jean Ann Sekerak

Beth Sekerak

Florence Selby

Walter Senney

Barbara Sennhenn

Mike Sering

Susan Sering Hughley

Dr. Beth Sersig and Dr. Chris Brandt

Linda Sevcik

George Sevcik

Jan Shaffer

Wilda Shaffer

Alan and Ann Dee Shankman

Jerrica Sharkey

Kevin and Joyce Shaw

Helen Sheehan and Otfried Niedermaier

Marilyn A. Sheerer

Robert* and Audrey Sheffler

Michael A. and Penelope J. Shemo

Kim Sherwin

Dan Shingler

Susan J. Shobe

Mary Ellen Shramek

Joseph O. and Pamela Shuman

Gerald Sibits

Dean and Judith Sieck

Carol Siemon and David L. Crockett*

Margaret R. Simmons

Rod and Laura Simpson

Tam T. and Martha V. Sivertson

Peggy Skelly

Len and Carol Skulina

Kenneth R. and  Martha G. Slepecky

J. A. and Kathy J. Slotwinski

Ryan Smarsh

Jeannene Smith

Jackie Smith

Lisa Smith

Dale J. and Diane M. Smith

Julie, Chris and Emily Smith

John and Barbara Smithrick

Jill Snellman

Jamie D. and Diane R. Spacek

Dr. Mark C. and Mickey Speelman

Thomas P. and Judy B. Splawski

Rev. Bob and Margaret Springer

Lia N. Staff

Maggie Stahl

Terry Stahurski

Charles and Janet Stanislav

Ralph and Judith A. Steeber

Phillip Stella

Jim and M. K. Stephan

Arlene B. Steuer

Ana Cristina Stewart

Del Stickney

William R. and Beverly J. Stives

Ahren Stock

Heather Stoll and Tibor L. Regele

Brent Stowe

Scott and Carol Strawn

Elizabeth Streeter

Winifred Strnad

Bob and Audrey Strother

Gordon and Mary Stuckert

Rev. Dennis and Gerry Stylski

David Sudnick

Susan K. Surducian

Galen and Donna Swab

Karen Swan

Judge Joan and Roger Synenberg

Richard G. and Cheryl F. Teagno

Cenk E. Tercan and Deneen Pyle Tercan

E.M. Tereck

Rev. Paul and Pam Thielo

Sheryl Thomas

Adolph Thomay

Laurie Thompson Waller

Linda Pearl Thurston

J. Walton Tomford and Gretchen Hallerberg

Bart Topoly

Mark D. and Linda Torbert

Robert and Marianne Trausch

Jude and Lydia Troha

Jack and Susan Turben

Paul Tuttle

Jeff and Belinda Tyma

Pat Uber

Rev. John and Jean Uhle

Robert Uhlin

Heathyr and David Ullmo

Charles Uray, Jr. and Norma Wagner Uray

Francis A. and Karen A. Ursini

Debra and James Vail

Daniel Valentin

K. Sandra Vanta

Gretchen Vasiloff

Alex S. and Loxene R. Verdova

Sandra VerDuin

Carl and Barbara Alm Vinson

Anthoni and Susan Visconsi, II

Nick C. and Sandra M. Vodanoff

Maria Voljin

Matthew Vrabel

Lynne Wagie

Larry and Carol Ann Wagner

Kimber A. and Nancy B. Wald

Kimberly Walrod

Reed L. Walters and Mary E. Echle

Kevin Mark and Karen Lynne Ward

Marion D. Ward and Vicky J. Byers-Ward

Rev. Rick and Ellen Warger

Phyllis Wargo

Mary Warren

Al and Joanne Wasco

Richard* and Judith Watson

Marjorie Webber

Clara A. Weber

David L. and Christine L. Webner

Robert M. and Mary M. Weichel, Jr.

Jeanette Weidlich

Tanya Weinmann

David and Sharon Weitzenhof

Michael and Martha Welch

Michael and Catherine Wells

Scott S. and Melanie F. Weltman

Magdalene Wendel and Doris Thome

Bob and Rose Wendt

Robert and Rose Wentsch

Nancy N. West

Susan Westcott

Patricia D. Whaley

Teresa Renee Whaley-Holmberg

Janet Whiley

Joel and Laverne Whitworth

John and Anna Wiandt

William and Lynn A. Wieland

Rev. Andrew Wilch, Jr.

David and Clara Wilcox

Douglas Wilkinson

Cynthia P. J. Will

Rev. Dick and Jane L. Williams

Frank and Esther Williamson

Richard and Mary Lynn Wills

Michael J. and Twila M. Wills

Steven Wilson

Clyde and Jean Wimer

Janet B. Winzenburger

Christian G. and Ellen L. Wisbar

Anne Wise

Charles A. and Jean A. Wither

Kyle and Kandi Withers

Laurence Witt

Gary and Maria Wnek

Sarah Wojslaw

Liisa Woo

Dr. Chong K. Woo and Myung Soon Woo

Ian C. P. and Barbara A. Woodburn

Deanna Woods

Melodie Woods

Jason Worchester

Brent Young

Karen D. and Paul C. Youngstrom

Ralph Zarnick

Dr. Renate Zeissler

Karla S. Zilch

Albert and Arlene Zubin

Gary M. and Almut S. Zvosec




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John and Margie Wheeler Family Fund

John J. Sanitato Jr., M.D., LLC

Kazrus Foundation

The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust

Kerry's Place, LLC

KeyBank Foundation

The Kresge Foundation

L K Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Lakewood Presbyterian Church

Lamb Family Foundation

Living Ministry, Inc.

Living Word Lutheran Church

Loganberry Books, Inc.

Lorain County Auditor

Lorain County Continuum of Care Council

The Lubrizol Foundation

Lutheran Agencies Organized in Service (LAOS)

Lutheran Chaplaincy Service

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Foundation

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (Men's Bible Class)

Lutheran Home

Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

Lutheran Women Missionary League

Lutheran Women's Missionary League Our Redeemer Lutheran

Mac's Backs-Books on Coventry

Majic Family Fund of the Cleveland Foundation

Margaret B. Hudak Memorial Fund of the Community Foundation Lorain County

Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio

The McGregor Foundation

McWilliams/Piraino Family Foundation

Messiah Lutheran Church - Fairview Park

Messiah Lutheran Church - Lyndhurst

Messiah Lutheran School

Metrics Marketing Group

MetroHealth Systems

Monroe Congregational Church

Morshana Foundation

The Murphy Family Foundation

National Slovak Society Lodge #70

Nautica II The Powerhouse, Ltd.

The Nehring Family Foundation

New Covenant Lutheran Church

The Nord Family Foundation

Nordlie Family Charitable Fund

The Nordson Corporation Foundation

North Point Portfolio Managers

Northcoast Vending Services, LLC

Northwest Thrivent Chapter of Thrivent Financial

Ohio District Lutheran Church Extension Fund, Inc.

Ohio District Mission Center The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Ohio Farmers

Ohio Radon Professional Maintenance Association, Inc.

Old Stone Church

Olympic Forest Products Company

Our Savior Ladies Aid Society

Our Savior Lutheran Church

Parker Hannifin Foundation

Pilgrim St. Paul Lutheran Church

Plain Dealer Charities

Plastic Safety Systems, Inc.

PolyOne Corporation

Presbyterian Women Group of Avon Lake Presbyterian Church

Presbytery of the Western Reserve

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Private Harbour Investment Mgmt. & Counsel, LLC

Progressive Insurance Foundation

The Ragland House, LLC 

Redeemer Lutheran Church Outreach Committee

The Reinberger Foundation

Rejoice! Lutheran Church

The Reminger Foundation Company


The Richard T. and Judith B. Watson Foundation

Richman Brothers Foundation

Ridgecliff Foundation

Roll Giving, Roll Global, LLC

Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church

S. Cuyahoga Chapter, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Saint Timothy Missionary Baptist Church Benevolent Fund

Schwab Charitable Fund - The Andrew and Leigh Fabens Fund

Sievers Security, Inc.

Singleton Health Care

Sisters of Charity Foundation

Sisters of Charity Health System

Smith & Condeni, LLP  

Sprint Foundation

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

St. Edward High School

St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church Womens League

St. Matthew Lutheran Church

St. Paul Lutheran Church - Berea

St. Paul Lutheran Church - Westlake

St. Paul Lutheran Endowment Fund

St. Paul Lutheran School PTL

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

St. Thomas Endowment

Standard Signs, Inc.

Susan and John Turben Foundation

Temple Emmanu El

Thomas Arts, The Arcade

Thomas H. White Foundation

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans' Foundation

Thunder Bay Enterprises, LLC

Trinity Cathedral Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

Triune Lutheran Church Women


United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc.

United Health Care - Ovations, Inc.

United Transportation Union, Utuia Unit 1

United Way of Greater Cleveland

United Way of Greater Lorain County

United Way of Lake County

United Way of Rhode Island

United Way of Summit County

United Way of the Greater Capital Region, Inc.

United Way of West Central Connecticut, Inc.

Unity Lutheran Church

Urb. Alt. De Flamboyan

Valley Ford Truck, Inc.

VFW of Ohio Charities, VFW Post 9295

The Villa Beach Club

Visiting Angels

Weisman, Kennedy & Berris

The Wireless Center

Women of Concordia Lutheran Church

Women of St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Woodruff Foundation

Your CFO Resource

Zion Lutheran Church



The 2011 Honor Roll of Donors represents all cash gifts made between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. If you have any questions, or wish to be removed from the online Honor Roll of Donors, please contact the Office of Development & Communications at 216.696.1724.

Every effort has been made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the 2011 Honor Roll of Donors. Please call 216.696.1882 regarding any omissions or misspellings, and accept our sincere apologies. Thank you for your commitment to Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry.


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