Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry serves with people who are oppressed, forgotten and hurting including individuals who are homeless, unemployed and involved in the criminal justice system and individuals with behavioral health, guardianship and life-skill needs.  LMM helps empower people to overcome barriers, obtain job skills, gain employment, locate stable housing, access counseling and support services, stay out of prison, secure second chances and become self-sufficient, productive members of our community.

Our mission is to promote shalom (peace, well-being) and justice (right relationships) through a Christian ministry of service and advocacy with those who are oppressed, forgotten and hurting.

LMM is grateful to the many individuals, corporations, and foundations that make our work possible.  Please contact Robert P. Kirschner, Vice President, Development & Communications, at 216.696.1724 if you have any questions or concerns regarding our annual report or IRS Form 990.


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